Thursday, January 12, 2012

cole imitates alabama

Mark Cole seems to be imitating what he is reading in his Tea Party newsletters. Except none of his legislation has teeth which seems to indicate it is all a smoke screen.

Chelyen Davis explains,

Del. Mark Cole, R–Spotsylvania, has a bill that requires public schools to keep track of how many students are illegal immigrants or the children of illegal immigrants and qualify for English as a Second Language classes. The state Board of Education would then compile those statistics and assess how much money those students are costing local schools, and ask the federal government for reimbursement. 

“All I’m trying to do is get an idea of the cost of having to educate children who are not legally present in Virginia,” Cole said. “See if we can’t get the federal government to pay those costs or at least offset some of it, since it’s due to their failure to control the borders that we’re in this position.” Cole said his bill wouldn’t track individual names, just numbers of students. Nor would it ask schools to reject students who are not legally present in this country. 

“The bill does not deny anyone an education,” Cole said. “The federal courts have said we’ve got to try to educate everybody whether they’re in the country legally or not.”

Cole's legislation is very similar to legislation recently passed in Alabama. It resulted in the vanishing of hispanic students from public schools in that State. Cole's legislation lacks the teeth of a Missouri law, so it appears he is merely wearing the coat of a Tea Party Patriot but not carrying a musket.

If he believes these kids should not be in school and shipped south of the boarder with their parents then he should introduce legislation that would do so. This half measure that does nothing but cost the Commonwealth money conducting an administrative task shows he really has no spine to enforce his ideology.

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