Saturday, January 28, 2012

bobby orrock likes pee tests

An open letter to Sr. Robert D Orrock:

I'm ashamed of your resent vote that would require welfare recipients submit to a drug test without cause.

Are there persons receiving welfare that are drug users? Of course. Are there members of the Virginia Legislature that abuse drugs? I'm sure there are. How about those on Medicare; in the National Guard; State Troopers? How far are we willing to take this? 

"Hi, I'd like to get my driver's license renewed."

"Okay, fill out this form, read this chart and pee in this cup."

I can think of no reason for this measure. Where is the study that indicates that a large segment of the over 400,000 Virginians on welfare are drug users? Where are the reports from social service organizations? If you have a worldview that the State should not be providing benefits to the unemployed, unemployable and out-of-work, then vote that way. Let's not create an issue that does not exist. A simple Google search shows that several other states have instituted this program and found that it costs more to run the tests than it does to cut out the very small amount of drug users. Not to mention that Florida is now being sued because of their drug program. You made the wrong political decision. I see no upside for an attack on the poor and unemployed.

I work with the unemployed and regularly support institutions that provide services to the poor, homeless and needy. Based on my personal experience and Christian upbringing, this bill is wrong and will not help anyone but those politicians pandering to the self righteous who think the poor just need to "get a job" or "work harder."

Life is not that simple.

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  1. This is typical of godd ole Bobby. He also dreamed up a convincing scheme to deprive working professionals just cause and due process. It is HB1231. Dear old Bobby crafted this bill after his own family double billed him.


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